How Much Can I Earn?

When you work in real estate, the sky’s the limit. Your income potential is directly related to your efforts. With our generous commission plan, you are in complete control of how much you can ultimately earn.

As an agent, you are paid a commission on each home you help your clients buy or sell. Below is a brief explanation of how much your commission could be and how much you will get to keep.

Commission Example

Sales Price of Home

Commission Rate

Gross Commission for the Sale

50% to Listing Agency

50% to Selling Agency

Your Share After Splitting 50/50 with the Company*

Planning Your Annual Income

Sales Per Month










Approximate Annual Income**




*At pre-determined thresholds, your commission split will increase from the 50/50 level to one where you keep a higher percentage of the commission.

** Your earnings may be considerably higher than the above mentioned figures. Note: Expenses are tax deductible. Agents are responsible for tax witholding.

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