PEOPLE October 13, 2023

Agent Spotlight: Mary Hutchison 

In the world of real estate, a personal touch and a genuine connection with clients can make all the difference. Today, we introduce you to Mary Hutchison, one of our exceptional real estate agents at Kansas City Homes, out of our State Line office. Let’s dive into a Q&A session to get to know Mary better and discover what makes her stand out in the industry.


Are you a Kansas City Native?

No, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri.


How long have you been with Kansas City Homes? 

I’ve been with Kansas City Homes since they transitioned to BHG.


How long have you been in the real estate industry? 

My journey in the real estate industry began in 2003, giving me two decades of experience.


Tell us about any special talents or skills you have: 

Beyond real estate, I’m a pretty good baker! I also thoroughly enjoy engaging in stimulating one-on-one conversations.


Have you won any awards? 

Yes, I’ve received several sales awards from BHG, recognizing my dedication and accomplishments in real estate.


What is something people at work don’t know about you?  

I think most people at work know this, but I used to be a rock radio DJ, adding an interesting layer to my background.


What is one tip you’d give new agents?  

Be prepared to put in a lot of hours with no pay initially. 


What is your favorite thing about KCH?  

Well it’s the people of course! Most everyone is incredibly helpful and cheerful, enjoys their job and will give advice when asked. I also appreciate all the learning opportunities, even if I don’t always use them. Plus, I take pride in working for a woman-owned business. Christian is very good at communicating with the agents.


Do you have any kids? A spouse? Pets? Tell us about them!  

I have two wonderful daughters—one is married and lives in Birmingham, England, with her British husband. My other daughter resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I’m also married to my retired husband. However, we don’t have any pets.


What’s your favorite hidden gem in KC?  

While not exactly a hidden gem, I love driving by the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery at dusk along Rockhill Road.


What’s your favorite KC restaurant?  

It depends on what I’m in the mood for! I like Waldo Pizza, Plate, Jack Stack. This is an unfair question!


What’s your favorite KC neighborhood? 

Brookside is my favorite neighborhood, and it’s also where I live.


Are you involved in the community? Tell us about something you’re passionate about.  

I’m passionate about supporting locally-owned businesses. Additionally, I volunteer at KCUR radio and have been doing so for many years. I truly enjoy my job, even the challenges, as I learn something every time. Many of my clients have become friends, which is a real bonus.


Tell us about any of your hobbies: 

My hobbies include baking, reading, engaging in current events discussions with friends, and traveling to see my daughters. I also love having friends over for dinner and going to happy hour with friends for lively conversations.


What’s something you think makes you stand out?  

I like to listen to music on the radio while working, though I’m not sure if that bothers anyone at the office! I take great care of my clients, always going the extra mile for them. It’s incredibly rewarding to see their new homes a few months after they move in, especially those first-time buyers who are taking their first step into the market—it’s an exciting journey for them and for me when they find the right one!


Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself? 

I make a point to appreciate every day, even on those “bad” days. I don’t sweat the small stuff because I feel incredibly fortunate to have a loving family, a cozy home, great coworkers, and the joy of living in Kansas City. To me, every day is a gift!


Mary Hutchison embodies the spirit of a Realtor who not only excels in her profession but also brings warmth, creativity, and a genuine passion for connecting with people. Her love for baking and meaningful conversations, along with her dedication to her clients, make her a truly exceptional asset to the real estate world. With a wealth of experience and a heart full of gratitude for life’s simple pleasures, Mary is the perfect partner for your real estate journey. Reach out to her at, call (816) 510-1262, or visit to experience her unwavering commitment to your real estate dreams.

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