KC August 4, 2023

Pennway Point: Industrial District into Entertainment Destination

A new entertainment district, Pennway Point, is set to revitalize an industrial district near Union Station, offering an array of recreational attractions for families and visitors. Spearheaded by developer Vince Bryant, the project has recently gained critical approval, securing access to essential parking spaces that will be crucial to the success of the development. With its unique utilization of space beneath bridges, Pennway Point aims to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

“The Pennway Point development would transform a stagnant industrial district into a new downtown destination.”
Vince Bryant, Developer

Pennway Point: A Vision for Entertainment

1. 170-foot Ferris Wheel: A centerpiece of the district, the Ferris wheel will stand tall at 170 feet, offering year-round entertainment with heated and cooled gondolas. This attraction will be operated by Icon Experiences, a separate firm collaborating on the project. Icon Experiences also plans to include an outdoor miniature golf course within the development.

2. LUMI Neon Museum: Nick Vedros is pursuing the creation of the LUMI neon indoor and outdoor museum, adding a touch of vibrant artistry to the Pennway Point concept.

3. Tailgate Park: Embracing the spirit of fun and games, Pennway Point will feature a “tailgate park” equipped with various yard games, providing a lively atmosphere for visitors.

4. Carter Waters Building Redevelopment: The historic Carter Waters building, which has stood for a century, will undergo transformation into a mixed-use space. This renovation may include a restaurant, a rooftop indoor/outdoor patio, and other facilities that contribute to the dynamic character of Pennway Point.

5. Future Phases: As the project progresses, additional elements will be introduced, such as a new 28,000 square-foot building with residential units and first-floor retail spaces. The plans also include a brewery, tasting room, covered beer garden, and a renovated brick depot building featuring a “burger joint,” lounge areas, a live music stage, and billiards.

Located adjacent to the massive IRS Processing Center and in close proximity to other notable attractions like Union Station, Crown Center, the Federal Reserve Bank money museum, and the World War I Museum and Memorial, Pennway Point has the potential to enhance the already thriving family entertainment scene in the area. By reimagining the industrial site and preserving existing structures, the project aims to breathe new life into the neighborhood, creating a unique and family-friendly experience.

“Best utilization of areas under bridges that you can’t develop or build on.”
Vince Bryant, Developer

While the Westside Neighborhood Association voiced concerns regarding parking availability and the impact on the community, the Plan Commission unanimously endorsed the street vacation request. Bryant assured the commission that the development adhered to existing zoning regulations and emphasized that the final development plan, as well as individual projects within Pennway Point, would be subject to further review.

Pennway Point represents an exciting new chapter in downtown entertainment, promising to transform a once-industrial district into a vibrant destination for families and visitors. Through innovative use of space beneath bridges, the project maximizes the potential of previously neglected areas, providing valuable parking spaces for the development. With a Ferris wheel, a neon museum, recreational spaces, and the preservation of historic structures, Pennway Point aims to deliver a unique entertainment experience while enhancing the surrounding area’s family-friendly appeal. As the project moves forward, stakeholders are excited to witness the realization of this visionary endeavor. To learn more about Kansas City, visit our article 7 Fun Facts About Kansas City to see what this city already has to offer!


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